The way to my heart

My first reaction was eheh, Parto in a dress but then I thought, hey, that’s a Sesto voice I could live with. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve heard underwhelming Partos even from big names, the clarinet notwithstanding1. But this ain’t bad. Then I checked the final to see if she got in and she did:

That’s even better. She’ll make a great Rosina, I like her chutzpah.

She also sang the Seguidilla in the final but I don’t care so much about Carmen. She didn’t win anything except for my attention 😉 and others’ attention, I’m sure.

  1. the clarinet is buttah, innit? I love it, it’s sometimes annoying having to choose on what to focus between it and the voice. 

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  1. I love this section! And not only because I am a mezzo myself. My favourite “Parto, parto” is Elina Garanca – .


    • I read you were a mezzo and I thought, hey, I like that 😉 but you said you were a dramatic mezzo so I guess stuff like Stride la vampa or O don fatale is more up your alley?

      for some reason I don’t “get” Garanca. I tried but her voice leaves me cold.


      • I’ve left Verdi on the shelf for the time being, but yes, I am a lot more Dalilah than a Sesto or Rossina.
        I find Garanca’s technique impeccable, almost inhuman. For somebody like me that struggles with dynamics she is really a model.


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