Ticket update: Der Rosenkavalier, Glyndebourne 2014

General sale kicked off at midnight. Madness as usual – damn you, popular operas! I got Upper Slips seats (hey, it’s a long one) for 5 June1. Phew. I can go to sleep now. Looks like this might be it for Glyndebourne 2014 for me, as I’m already seeing (or have seen) both Don Giovanni and La Traviata at ROH and I severely disliked their Rinaldo production. I’d like to see Rinaldo but I want to enjoy what I’m seeing… at least partially2. I’m ridiculously overdue for Handel. Looks like Barbican’s concert version of Alcina will be my first Handel opera after all.

General Glyndebourne bitching aside3Der Rosenkavalier. I’m really curious to hear Tara Erraught live, after that excellent performance in the Munich Clemenza.

  1. Busy week, that first week of June. ‘kavalier on the 5th, Roschmann on the 8th. Annoyingly, Glyndebourne‘s livestreaming of ‘kavalier is also on the 8th. 
  2. Or maybe I should go blindfolded? Hehe. 
  3. The programme is a bit boring this year, innit? Aside from Rinaldo and La finta giardiniera (which I also confuse with La finta semplice and thus am not sure which one I don’t like, possibly both), the rest are all safe bets. Which of course doesn’t mean they are shit operas just that you don’t need to see 2 different productions a year unless you really care who’s in it. 

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