To complete or not to complete?

Well… whilst it’s no mystery to whoever knoweth me that I struggle to finish (longer coughIdomeneo act IIIcough) tasks, completist challenges continue to hold a strange fascination for me. To that end I feel that I should make an effort and go through the works of my favourite opera composers at least once. Some would say “dear dehg, life is too short to spend listening to decidedly unremarkable works”. I do agree. I could re-listen to the ones I already love instead 😉 Nobody says, though, that I need to finish listening to them – as long as I heard a bit of it… like 10min, one act, two acts… But then there will be somebody out there to say that buried in the fifth act lies the best part of the opera, which, incidentally, is one of the lost gems of the entire operatic repertoire…

What brought this about is a new found appreciation for Donizetti. Way back when, Lucrezia Borgia was the first opera I watched/listened to in its entirety. But since then he’s been hit and miss with me and mostly miss at that. That being said, I still enjoy Lucrezia, L’elixir, La favorita, Lucia1 and Maria Stuarda2. In 2 weeks I’m going to see La fille du regiment (which I haven’t heard yet), so it’s high time for some Donizetti love. The other day I watched Maria di Rohan and today I’ve been at Alahor in Granata and may I say well done, Maestro. The repeat button has been used to my satisfaction. Additionally, Vivica Genaux as Muley Hassem rocks a badass/hilarious beard.

  1. Clearly it’s all about the Ls. So La fille should be fine 😉 
  2. Coming up this Summer at ROH with JDD. 

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