Do fake it, Octavian!

Octavian’s heated ramblings (Wie du warst…! Wie du bist…!) never fail to leave me in stitches. Spot on portrayal of teenage earnestness. Remember philosophizing about anything and everything? Yep, same here. The first and last time I gave two shits about philosophy. So I was checking out this particular Wie du warst scene when I noticed this hilarious quip in the comments:

“Funny story. (told by Elisabeth Söderström). When Birgit Nilsson sang the Marschallin against Elisabeth Söderström´s Octavian she whispered (during performance) “Don´t make pregnant!” (don´t know how Elisabeth could go on singing. Without laughing.)” (as posted by ellandelachapelle)

Well, I’ll be, I didn’t know Nilsson was such a joker! Major points to her. I guess Söderström was a good sport and Nilsson did not have any ‘splaining to do nine months later? 😉


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