The wonderful Ann Hallenberg + google rant

I’m a bit sad at having to mix Ann with some histrionic ranting (is there any other kind?), but such is life.

The good news is I finally got around to booking a ticket for her recital with Les Talens Lyriques at Wigmore Hall on 28 April at 7:30pm (reminder to myself, as I have La Traviata at ROH on 30 April and it wouldn’t be the first time I mix my dates but it would annoy me to no end to miss either).

Now the rant: hopping from link to link on random blogs, I came around this post. Although I don’t tend to post comments (I tend to come too late to the party and feel shy), I felt a surge of kinship of opinion and wanted to add a “right on” comment to the tune of how much I, too, think Hallenberg IS Ariodante. Alas, not so fast, tiger, says blogger – and by that I mean google, who owns it. To just post an appreciative comment to somebody online you don’t know from Adam, blogger/google needs to ask for your valid passport, so that it can know what you’re after (same things as what I post about on this blog, genius).

Blogger gave me a few options (ha!) to ID myself when I post, one of which was WP blog. I chose that, it recognised it immediately (duh) but it wasn’t enough. No, it wanted my full name, nevermind that the email linked to this blog is on gmail. So, you fucking bastards, you already know my full name, why in the world are you asking me again, if all you need it for is “this site” (ie, blogger), which is already part of your shitty facebook-wannabe package? I mean, for fuck’s sake. I’ve accepted that all the sites you sign on will sell even your snot to the highest bidder, but why in the world do you fucking clumsy algae need to KEEP asking me to ID myself every time I turn around on your damn turf? If it wasn’t for youtube I’d have defected this piece of dull garbage google conglomerate. Youtube is another great site gobbled up and spat out the worse for it by the toothless fuckster known as google, that drove me nuts with its “do you want to post as x or would you like to post as x yson? Are you sure? NO, are you REALLY, REALLY sure?” Yes, I am sure. But that was all the range for ranters in November when I was busy with other things so I missed the opportunity to rage. Seriously, though. Sell my fucking data on the sly (there’s fuckall I can do about that anyway) but stop asking me to post everywhere in full name, you fucking Stasi losers! Next thing you know we’ll all have to sign in with our work details and NI numbers just so – supposedly – the interwebs is safe from trolling. As if corps give a nut about trolling.

So, yea, dear Regie, or not Regie (whoever you are which is of no concern to me), all I wanted to say was that I love Ann Hallenberg, too, especially as Ariodante, as she gets this rather introverted character perfectly and her vocal timbre is just spot on. I am really giddy about seeing her in a couple of months as I have not seen her live yet. That was it. But now, instead of a friendly comment to an old post, all you get is a stupid pingback, thanks to google’s idiotic meddling.


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  1. Regie, or Not Regie?

    Hi there! As a fellow Ann Hallenberger, mezzo-lover, and Tito-head, I really enjoy reading your blog. Of course, as you know I just found you a week or so ago. Imagine my surprise when reading your rant! 🙂

    I do apologize for blogger’s atrocious behavior. I am not impressed with it either, but inertia keeps me from moving my blog at this point. I know blogger has a ridiculous “captcha” system that shows you an illegible number or word you have to type to prove you’re a human. I wonder how you prove you’re a human with old(er) eyes?

    Anyway, thank you for at least trying to post a comment at my blog, I hope you’ll try again. I’ve a feeling we’d have some interesting conversations. Now, I am following your link off to my own blog post so I can revel in AH’s Ariodante! Cheers!

    • No need to apologise for blogger, I think I got over it ;-). Google is bizarre. The weirdest part was of course that it didn’t recognise me even though I have a google account and it’s on when I am online. I’ll come back to your blog and thanks for dropping by 🙂 I know I post for myself but it’s good to know others find my blog interesting as well.

  2. haha.
    it’s a miracle i still manage to keep my “thadieu” name on yt after its many force-down-your-throat invasion to insert my full name + convert to its google minus crap. (the phone business is worse, for over 1.5 yr nothing works on mine coz i uninstalled all google stuff).
    (and i was thinking the post is about A.Hallenberg, who i hope to hear live at some point :-))

    • I think if you got it before the stupid change it’s all good. They still may ask “would you like to go as [real name]?”, “would you like to give us your phone number?” No and no. Go away.

      Hallenberg will be back in London next April. I’m sure she tours enough in Europe, but apparently she’s not fond of touring the US.

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