Voglio tempo (life imitates opera moment of the week)

Voglio tempo per risolvere – certainly a theme with me. There’s always too much too do and too little time to do it so things that turn out to be important don’t get done whilst time implacably marches on…There’s certainly never enough time for pleasure…

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  1. think i found my music for the night. man, what do we have to do to “deserve” such an orchestra (never mind singers!!) at a händel opera…

    • back to report: the first cd was flawless, absolutely beautiful singing (but i have no idea what they’re singing about 😀 ).. then to that super-famous-stolen aria, all of the sudden, it sounded very careful.. in VK’s version one dons the super-thinking hat on digesting her deep thoughts.. in SM’s version one is hit with an avalanche of deep tone in very-forward singing + lovely phrasing (how it goes in my head).. in this one with Prina, i got immediately an image of one carrying a tray of 1 very-filled glass and super cautiously trying not to spill… rather quite weird.. after that, for a while it sounds super squeaky clean.. but after a while, the goooorgeous singing takes over again. simply no fault in N.Dessay’s voice + singing (but then i still don’t know what they’r all singing about..), A.Hallenberg’s voice is just simply gorgeous and warm, wow, very loooovely.. and absolute no fault with pretty-boy (he’s pretty!) Breslik, very nice singing. i still need to get used to Prina’s voice for some reason, might have been due to super-overdosed versions with SM.. Finally, the orchestra is PERFECT! perfect in my sense of highlighting the music, support singers, making the entire work very interesting, fresh, you constantly pay attention to it rather than thinking: what is this dead-weight… Surely would have been a memorable event if we ever get to see this assemble live!

      on stealing note, händel blatantly took the nearly 10min duet from Arianna in Creta (or the other way around) and shoved in here! and then there’s this super cheesy tune that seems to be very popular, “lascia” something…. I was surprised “ombra mai fu” was not part of this work :D.

      This work is really gorgeous for listening. probably would be equally great hearing live. This group managed very well without any “pouting/crying”, something we potentially run into a lot when hearing live. super like .

      (ps- not quite the subject of the post, but you get a ramble about the cd nonetheless..)

      • (oh, how could i forget, the entire come nube from agrippina is also here, just before the end…)

      • ehehe, why not? my post wasn’t really about the music so it’s good to have a digest of Il trionfo 😉 cheers. I actually don’t have this version in entirety (I don’t think…) but another one which I didn’t think was all that so that’s why I don’t really know it. But agreed about the orchestra etc. (less keen on Dessay’s voice) for the bits of it I’ve heard. I don’t know that I heard Prina’s bit you refer to. I like her a lot, though, unmistakable tone and fearless live, though maybe not so much in the studio? Also she’s very good at conveying emotion. I think she’s got better as a singer as time went on and this was quite a few years back.

        Lascia la spina/chi’o pianga – I never got what the fuss was all about but then I don’t get the fuss about Ombra mai fu either…

        • i found the whole thing following Stray’s breadcrumbs on spotify, pretty cool site. this recording (my first for il trionfo..) was done in 2007, i think back then N.Dessay’s voice was in top form. I’m not a fan of her voice in general, but found her superb in this and in Offenbach’s Orphée aux enfers. in parallel to that is the appreciation one gets after hearing several versions to put her take into perspective. I’ve heard 3 others, all live, 1 with the lovely soprano in red 🙂 + reneta pokupic + romina basso, and 2 with S.Mingardo, and at times got very frustrated with the sopranos, so this was quite a change.

          I’ve heard S.Prina in many other works of course and much more recent, and do enjoy her singing/acting a lot. I think just for this piece in that particular famous aria she realllly decorated it beyond decorable (invented this word here..) level :D, and somehow it felt the music flow / line was lost.. for the rest her voice was also very nice. altogether quite a recording.

          actually i don’t know where else Lascia la spina is in, but it seems every mezzo/contralto/CT/?? took a stab or more at with war-of-fandoms to follow on yt 🙂

          • Lascia started as a dance in Almira, went into this as Lascia la spina and returned as Lascia ch’io pianga in Rinaldo. I for one have usually heard it sung by CTs but “usually” means the three times I bothered with it 😉

            • ah, right, now i remember in Almira.. that one severely lacks mezzos/trousers so i don’t remember well except the superb BEMF orchestra.. my brush w/ Lascia, naturally, was with N.Stutzmann and SM 😉

          • I located the one with the soprano in red, I’ll check it out now that I know there’s flirting good singing 😀 there is also one with Vivica Genaux as Piacere, isn’t there?

            • ;-), don’t get too distracted.
              yep, Genaux was in one with Mingardo, but i was so infuriated by the orchestra in that live version (from wien i believe), sooooo infuriating :-), esp. after i just sat through the one with Alessandrini and Mingardo that was on bbc3 last year (which of course i now have locally)

          • singing aside, this (starting at 45:47) is my favourite bit of Il trionfo. He should’ve included more organ in his works! I keep forgetting how much I like the organ.

            • the “this” thing is missing a link, i think wp is doing something weird as many of my recent links went empty too.. but i know what you mean about the organ, esp when the contralto enters too! but also in orchestra bit after lovely tune first by tenor, then contralto, then soprano jumped in screaming, then all stopped, and orchestra + organ just took over (i extracted this sequence on the phone 🙂 )

      • What they talk about is very fussy: Bellezza (the soprano) is told by Pleasure (the mezzo) that she will always be, well, beautiful and so they should go on frolicking together (how terrible 😉 ), whilst Time (the tenor) and Disinganno/Good Counsel (the contralto) try to convince her that “beauty of the soul” is more important than “physical beauty” which fades.

        • that explains the nonstop flirting bt the soprano in red and reneta pokupic 😉

          • totally unrelated, that Paris Agrippina looks good as well! And it was the first time I didn’t think Malena Ernman sucked 😀

            • i replied to this 1hr ago but net went missing in the pool while i cheered for our polo team 🙂
              she has her particular way of singing + acting, in this role it fits just right 🙂 . but many things are right in that production, even though they made agrippina a bit more psychologically abusive yet unstable (with alcoholic tendency) . the one thing i notice though, is that i am not exactly a fan of M.Persson’s singing in general, in the sense that she has a very lovely voice but the expression (phrasing) can be severely lacking at time. Like in the clip i included on my post where a bunch of them were pouring it on L.Zazzo, first was Antonacci expression (we can also talk about her more :-), i find her quite effective in many things), then ME with her totally crazy (but good) spoiled-brat bit, then MP entered with nothing! except to sometimes sing louder and pronounce the word clearer as to emphasize something i think.. but for non-native speakers, you can say it as loud as you want, we still don’t understand 🙂 , so it has to be in the music somehow.

              • but for non-native speakers, you can say it as loud as you want, we still don’t understand 🙂

                haha! I’m not a MP fan full stop, musically she does absolutely nothing for me, though she did look hot writhing on that stone bed… I don’t have a strong feeling against her, just eh. But then again, sopranos often leave me cold.

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