Different strokes: Deh, se piacer mi vuoi (Galuppi, Gluck)

^ the one we know and love is a great seduction aria. But it is not the only Deh, se piacer mi vuoi out there. Messrs Galuppi, Gluck et. all have written theirs.

Galuppi: oh, dear. I did not think I could be bored when it comes to this aria but yep, that’s what Galuppi’s take on it did to me. There is 0 drama in this, just pretty singing and weird dynamics. There is a melisma between non me stancar con questo and molesto dubitar. That ought to tell you everything. I guess it illustrates a sort of mindfuck but not an alluring one. Waiting to see what one shouldn’t bore Vitellia with is just annoying. I’m sure Sesto knows what she wants him not to do, so what the hell is the point? It’s not what she says but how she says here.

Gluck: more drama than in Galuppi’s but, err… not sexy. Vitellia sounds almost like she’s lamenting the situation rather than focusing Sesto on what’s what. Lyrical Vitellia is for later.


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