Hilarious wiki synopsis for Bellini’s Beatrice di Tenda

I’m a big fan of Denis Forman’s A Night at the Opera, so you can tell I’m not above opera piss-take. Still I didn’t expect such an amusing synopsis as the one I read on wiki for Bellini’s very (veeeeery) dark opera, of all things. Check out an excerpt (describing the end of Act I):

In another scene, slightly the worse for wear, Filippo’s soldiers discuss his silence and temper. Beatrice enters carrying a portrait of her beloved, deceased husband, Facino. She is bemoaning the fact that everyone has abandoned her when Orombello enters protesting that he has not. Excitedly, he tells her his plans to rally the troops and help her free herself. She crushes him saying, in so many words, that she does not rate his expertise in security matters. Stunned, Orombello protests his love and, even when begged to do so, will not leave her presence; instead, he kneels down in front of her, at which moment Agnese and Filippo enter and accuse the two traitors of having an affair. Everyone now joins in with accusation, counter accusation, attack and defence. The upshot is that Filippo has the pair arrested — to be tried in Court for adultery.

I don’t know who wrote this, but whoever it is, I bow down to his/her sense of humour.

…and that’s my entry marking Bellini’s birthday *toasts*.


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