Der Rosenkavalier in my backyard (Glyndebourne 2014)

Glyndebourne 2013

This year I made various plans to see the ‘kavalier around Europe and they all came to naught. But le stelle are shedding their sciagure and the show is coming to me if I’m not going to it. Lo, Glyndebourne is my Strauss venue yet again. Let it be as lucky and as fun as this summer’s Ariadne! (In spite of the bad reviews I had a ball and saw it twice).

The three mains – Die Marschallin (Kate Royal), Octavian (Tara Erraught) and Sophie (Teodora Gheorghiu) are all role debuts! Will they rock or will the sink? I just saw Tara Erraught with Diana Damrau in last week’s live stream of The Harlot’s Progress. I enjoyed her voice quite a bit and I thought she had good stage presence. I kinda can see her as Octavian. I mean she’s a bit more Octavian than Romeo, which I know she sang as well. But let’s not put the cart before the horse. She looks like she would be lovely in comedy and she’ll surely rock as Mariandel. I just listened to Kate Royal sing some Schubert and it wasn’t bad – wistful, introspective voice. Teodora Gheorghiu actually recorded Ah, se il crudel periglio. Gotta give the woman points for sheer guts, that’s one bad motherfucker of an aria – but those endless triplets are oh, so satisfying when done right. She ain’t Grubi – the queen mother of expressive coloratura – but then who is? The triplets were quite slurred but her top notes were effortless. She’s young, she’ll improve. Now if they get a good Ochs we’re in bidness. Roll on May 2014!

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